Medical elastic neoprene brace (orthosis)

Therapeutic and prophylactic aid for mild retention and protection of ligaments and soft tissues of the foot joint.

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Product Description

Medical elastic neoprene brace (orthosis) for retention of foot joint

Advantages of the product

Composition of raw materials
Aeroprene – microporous rubber – 80%, nylon – 20%

Size chart
How to determine the correct size:

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Detailed information

Constructive solutions

Neoprene as a porous elastic material has a complex effect:

  • retention with mild compression,
  • warming,
  • micromassage

Indications for medical use

For retention and compression of the foot joint and surrounding tissues in treatment of injuries and different diseases:

  • in case of bruises, intramuscular hematomas, muscle or ligament injuries;
  • in treatment of arthrosis and arthritis, myositis of the foot joint.

For immobilisation of the foot joint after different injuries and surgeries.

For prophylaxis of injuries in cases of sports and physical loads.

Potential contraindications
Individual incompatibility with any components of raw materials of the product.

Product care conditions

Medical elastic products are washed with hands in soapy water, at 35-40°C. Do not bleach, no dry cleaning. After rinsing in water, slightly squeeze with your hands, do not wring, do not centrifuge. Dry flat. Do not dry in sunlight. Do not iron.

Shelf life:
5 years

Storage conditions
Store in dry, clean, well ventilated premises, with air temperature from +3°C to +25°C and relative air humidity within 60-65%.

How to put on/use correctly

  • The brace can be used in a hospital or outpatiently, and at home.
  • the size is to be determined based on ankle circumference – according to the chart,
  • the brace is worn directly on skin or on a cotton sock,
  • the sock is put on with its widest part on the ankle,
  • the brace stabilises the joint, but does not restrict movements,
  • If you feel discomfort, when wearing the brace, talk to your attending physician,
  • for prophylaxis, it is recommended to wear the product no more than 2 hours per day and to remove it before night sleep, your physician may extend the duration of wearing of the brace,
  • If the period of use is long (longer than 2-3 weeks), physical exercises to strengthen the joint and its muscles would be desirable,
  • different ointments and creams can be used, if your physician recommends them.