Medical arm support for retention

For safe and comfortable retention of arm after fractures, sprain and/or surgical treatment.

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Product Description

Medical arm support for retention

Composition of raw materials
Polyamide – 100%.

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Detailed information

Constructive solutions

Adjustable shoulder band of special design with Velcro fasteners allows to adapt length and fix the support in the necessary position individually.

The shoulder strap has a moving sleeve, which reduces the sensation of pressure.

Indications for medical use

For arm retention:

  • during treatment of different acute diseases of joints and soft tissues: arthritis of the radius and the heel of the hand joint, neuritis of the radial nerve and ulnar nerve,
  • in case of injuries: closed fractures of forearm bones during formation of calluses, fractures of bones in the heel of the hand and damages of the wrist joint.
  • for quicker rehabilitation after wrist, upper arm and forearm surgeries.

Potential contraindications
Individual incompatibility with any components of raw materials of the product, massive contractures of the radius and the heel of the hand joint (limited joint mobility due to changes in the joint or surrounding tissues).

Product care conditions

Medical elastic products are washed with hands in soapy water, at 35-40°C. Do not bleach, no dry cleaning. After rinsing in water, slightly squeeze with your hands, do not wring, do not centrifuge. Dry flat. Do not iron.

Shelf life:
5 years

Storage conditions
Store in dry, clean, well ventilated premises, with air temperature from +3°C to +25°C and relative air humidity within 60-65%.

How to put on/use correctly

  • The brace can be used in medical facilities and at home,
  • wear directly on skin or on thin clothing,
  • put the support on the forearm, adjust the length of the shoulder strap using Velcro fasteners to achieve maximum comfort,
  • place the shoulder sleeve in such a way that it reduces the sensation of pressure on the shoulder
  • when wearing the support, it support the forearm and the upper arm, [passive] movements are partially restricted in the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, considerably improving the patient’s well-being,
  • if you feel serious discomfort, when wearing the support, talk to your attending physician,
  • it is recommended to wear the support for 21 day, removing it every evening, unless the physician said otherwise
  • as per physician’s instructions, when wearing the support, it is recommended to exercise the arm to restore joint movements as soon as possible.