Medical elastic posture corrector

For prevention and prophylaxis of incorrect posture and first degree spinal curvature, as well as for children and teenagers with first signs of stooping.

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Product Description

Medical elastic posture corrector (orthosis)

Composition of raw materials
Polyester – 60%, latex – 40%.

Size chart
How to determine the correct size:


Detailed information

Constructive solutions
The velcro fastener helps to easily and individually fasten the orthosis.

Indications for medical use

For posture correction in children and teenagers in case of initial stooping.

For prophylaxis of posture disorders and remote sequelae thereof (e.g., backache) in pupils or adults working in unfavourable work conditions.

Potential contraindications

Individual incompatibility with any components of raw materials of the product, evident local skin diseases.

Product care conditions

Medical elastic products are washed with hands in soapy water, at 35-40°C. Do not bleach, no dry cleaning. After rinsing in water, slightly squeeze with your hands, do not wring, do not centrifuge. Dry flat, do not iron.

Shelf life:
5 years

Storage conditions
Store in dry, clean, well ventilated premises, with air temperature from +3°C to +25°C and relative air humidity within 60-65%.

How to put on/use correctly

  • the size is chosen based on chest circumference according to the size chart
  • the posture corrector is worn on underwear – so that it fits the body closely
  • it is recommended to put it on when standing on your feet: first align the back part, then fasten the belt strap with the velcro fastener on the belly
  • then use the straps that pull shoulders back and fix with a velcro fastener
  • tighten the straps that pull shoulders back more every day of wearing little by little correcting posture
  • a correctly put on posture corrector draws shoulders back, straightens the chest and the spine forming a physiologically correct posture;
  • if your muscles get slightly tired during the day, it is ok – the main task is to “accustom” the body to a new, physiologically correct posture
  • when using for posture correction, start the treatment course from 2-3 hours a day, gradually increasing it to a full day – the main course usually lasts 2-4 months, it can be repeated to reinforce the effect