Medical elastic support maternity belt

Medical elastic support maternity belt, universal

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Product Description

Intended use
To reduce load in the lower back and to support the belly during pregnancy, used also after childbirth to restore the tonus of abdominal muscles.

Advantages of the product

Composition of raw materials
Latex – 42%, polyester – 39%, cotton – 19%

Size chart
How to determine the correct size:


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Detailed information

Constructive solutions

The lower part of the band is reinforced, which ensures comfort in the lumbosacral spine in case of high load.

Reinforcing bands on sides of the belt help to retain the belly in a correct position.

The velcro fasteners helps to easily and individually fasten the belt adjusting it to the body within the available size.

Indications for medical use

For expectant mothers:

  • in case of backache, relieves load from small pelvis organs and lower back, ensures a physiologically correct position of the foetus;
  • to protect from early (pathological) lightening, stretching of belly skin and to reduce the probability of other complications during pregnancy and childbirth
  • to ensure maximum comfort during pregnancy.

After childbirth: for faster restoration of the tonus of muscles of the abdominal wall and reduction of the belly volume.

Potential contraindications
Individual incompatibility with any components of raw materials of the product.

Product care conditions

Medical elastic products are washed with hands in soapy water, at 35-40°C. Do not bleach, no dry cleaning. After rinsing in water, slightly squeeze with your hands, do not wring, do not centrifuge.

Shelf life:
5 years

Storage conditions
Store in dry, clean, well ventilated premises, with air temperature from +3°C to +25°C and relative air humidity within 60-65%.

How to put on/use correctly

  • put the maternity belt on in the morning for the entire day, remove for procedures and remove completely for night sleep
  • the size is chosen based on circumference under the lower part of the belly according to the size chart
  • wear the belt on cotton underwear
  • if worn during pregnancy, then:

put on lying on your back on an even, firm surface

put the wider part of the belt to your back, connect ends with a velcro fastener under the belly

  • if used after childbirth, then:

standing on your feet, put the wider part of the belt to the belly with the roundish end downwards, connect ends with a velcro fastener on the back

  • the degree of retention can be changed by tightening the reinforcing band
  • the belt that was put on correctly should be close-fitting and should not restrict movements, the belt supports the belly, strengthens the spine, eliminates tiredness and backache and provides the sensation of comfort,
  • if further use of the belt still causes discomfort, talk to your attending physician.